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Ver. 4 - 03 / Feb / 2009


The purpose of this questionnaire is to know your opinion on how this on-line course was taught.  It is very important that you answer objectively and honestly.  Your answer will remain anonymous.  The professor’s name and the section will be the only information required so that we can provide the teacher with some feedback on the students evaluation of his/her teaching after the course has ended.  We appreciate your time and interest in answering this questionnaire which will benefit the quality of on-line course’s teaching and learning process.  The results of each evaluation will be discussed with the professor at the end of the academic year.


If you have any questions regarding this evaluation, please send an e-mail to webmaster@metro.inter.edu, include your student number, course section (CRN), and your date of birth which is your pin number, (e.g.:  092953) Write a brief description of your situation..

Student No.: (for evaluation only)

Pin Number:

Section:         ( e.g 123456 )